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F.A.L.T.U. – Awaz Do Apne Dil Ko Chords

Song title: Awaz Do
Movie: F.A.L.T.U. (2011)
Lyricists: Sameer
Singer: Jigar
Tempo: 82 BPM
Chords: E, B, A, G#m, C#m.
Strumming Pattern: D D UUDUD

Let’s play – FALTU – Awaz do guitar chords

(E)Kab tak yeh (B)duniya,
(A)aankhon ko (G#m)neeche
(E)Soti rahegi..
(A)takiye ke (B)neeche

(E)Zubaan pe (B)taale,
(A)rakhenge kab (G#m)tak
(E)Hoonti se khaab bandhe,
(A)rahenge (B)kab tak

(E)Awaaz do apne (A)dil ko,
(E)azaadiyan haasil (A)ho
(E)Awaaz do apne (A)dil ko,
(E)azaadiyan haasil (A)ho

(A)Jin kadmon mein ho (C#m)chalta junoon
(B)Roke roke woh (E)kahan
(A)Jin baahon ko (C#m)thaame yakeen
(B)Thaame usse yeh (E)jahaan (yeh jahaan)

Oo (A)jin kadmon mein ho (C#m)chalta junoon
(B)Rokey (E)rokey woh kahan
(A)Jin baahon ko (C#m)thaame yakeen
(A)Thaame usse yeh (B)jahaan

Udh jaane (C#m)do, beh jaane (A)do
(C#m)Khudi ko do (E)parwaz woh,
(A)khuda ke dil ko (D)choo le (E)jo

(E)Awaaz do apne (A)dil ko,
(E)azaadiyan haasil (A)ho
(E)Awaaz do apne (A)dil ko,
(E)azaadiyan haasil (A)ho

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