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House of The Rising Sun Chords for Beginners

Title: House of The Rising Sun
Artist: The Animals
Album: The Animals
Scale: Am
Strumming: D D UDU
Tempo: 117 BPM

Let’s Play – Chords for House of the Rising Sun

(Am) (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7)

[Verse 1]

There (Am)is a (C)house in (D)New Orleans(F)
They (Am)call the “(C)Rising (E7)Sun”
And it’s (Am)been the (C)ruin of (D)many a poor (F)boy
And (Am)God, I (E7)know, I’m (Am)one (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7).

[Verse 2]

My (Am)mother (C)was a (D)tailor (F)(organ: F7)
She (Am)sewed my (C)new blue (E7)jeans (F)(organ: E7)
My (Am)father (C)was a (D)gambling (F)man
(Am)Down in (E7)New Or(Am)leans (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7).

[Verse 3]

Now the (Am)only (C)thing a (D)gambler (F)needs
Is a (Am)suitcase (C)and a (E7)trunk (organ: E7)
And the (Am)only (C)time, (D)he’s satisfied,(F)
Is (Am)when he’s (E7)on a (Am)drunk (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7)


(Am) (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (C) (E7)
(Am) (C) (D) (F) (Am) (E7)
(Am) (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7)

[Verse 4]

Oh, (Am)mother, (C)tell your (D)children (F)(organ: F7)
Not to (Am)do what (C)I have (E7)done (organ: E7)
(Am)Spend your (C)lives in (D)sin and misery(F)
In the (Am)House of (E7)Rising (Am)Sun (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7)

[Verse 5]

Well, I got (Am)one foot (C)on the (D)platform (F)(organ plays F7)
The (Am)other foot (C)on the train (E7)(organ: E7)
I’m (Am)going (C)back to (D)New Orleans (F)(organ: F7)
To (Am)wear that (E7)ball and (Am)chain (C) (D) (F)
(Am) (E7) (Am) (E7)

[Verse 6]

Well, there (Am)is a (C)house in (D)New Orleans (F)
They (Am)call the (C)”Rising (E7)Sun” (E7) (organ: E7)
And it’s (Am)been the (C)ruin of (D)many a poor (F)boy
And (Am)God, I (E7)know, I’m (Am)one (C) (D) (F) (Am) (E7)

(Am) (C) (D) (F) (Am) (E7)
(Am) (Dm) (Am) (Dm) (Am) (Dm)
(Am) (Dm) (Am) (Dm) (Am)

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