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Humraah Guitar Chords – Malang

Song Title: Humraah
Artist: Sachet Tandon
Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa
Movie: Malang – Unleash The Madness (2020)
Tempo: 156 BPM
Capo Position: 2nd Fret
Chords used with Capo: Am, F, G, C, Dm
Original Chords: Gm, D#, F, A#, Cm
Strumming Pattern: D D UUDUDUD

Let’s Play – Humraah Chords

(Am)Dil Ko Jaa(F)ne Kya (G)Hua Hai
(Am)Milke Ap(F)na Sa Tu La(G)ga
(Am)Kaise (F)Me Karu (G)Bayan
(Am)Tumse (F)Yeh Junoon Hai Ya (G)Gumaa

Ese Mujhe (Am)Tum Miley (F)Tum Miley (G)
Jaise Koi (Am)Din Khile (F)Din Khile (G)
Jane Kaha (Am)Hum Chale (F)Hum Chale (G)
Chaahe Jo Bhi (Am)Dil Kare (F)Dil Kare (G)

(Am)Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaun
(F)Tujh ko Tujh ko He Chaahu
(C)Humraah Ab Se Mera Tu
(G)Humrah Me Bhi Tera Hoon

(Am)Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaun
(F)Tujh ko Tujh ko He Chaahu
(C)Humraah Ab Se Mera Tu
(G)Humrah Me Bhi Tera Hoon


(Am) (F) (G)
(Am) (F) (G)

Eh(Dm)saanmand Hai Dil (C)Abse Te(G)ra
Yeh (Dm)Marz Kaisa Hai Kya (C)Naam Du Ba(G)ta
(Am)Dil Ki Diwaarein Tooti Hai
(F)Dil Ka Jahaan Di(G)kha Hai
(Am)Aankho Ne Aj Dekha (F)Khaawon Ka Aas(G)maan Hai
(Am)Tera Kar(F)ta Hu Shuk(G)riyaa


(Am) (F) (G)

(Am)Jis Raah Jis Raah Bhi Jaun
(F)Tujh ko Tujh ko He Chahun
(C)Humraah Ab se Mera Tu
(G)Humrah Me Bhi Tera Hoon

(G)Jis Raah Jis Raah Me Bhi
Eh(Dm)saanmand Hai Dil (C)Abse Tera(G)
Yeh (Dm)Marz Kaisa Hai Kya (C)Naam Du Bata(G)

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About the Song

Sung by Sachet Tandon and composed by The Fusion Project with heartfelt lyrics penned by Kunaal Vermaa, ‘Humraah’ from the movie ‘Malang – Unleash The Madness’ (2020) in Hindi language, is a soul-stirring melody that makes you feel the love and desires you hold for your loved ones, as the enchanting guitar notes played by Vicky Ali accompany the emotions, all brought to you under the music label T-Series in January 2020. Humraah, meaning companion, truly captivates the essence of love.

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