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Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

For many, music and guitars form the bedrock of their identity or passions, so the thrill of finding out about Smart Musical Instruments is priceless. Whether you are an old-school guitar player or a newcomer, the market today is flooded with many guitars featuring distinct qualities and sound profiles. While some of the top-notch guitars are quite affordable, very expensive ones usually have some extra great features or they are of very high quality.

Lava Me Guitar Series

Although there is a wide selection of high-quality guitars available, one of the series that has been attracting the most attention is the Lava Me Smart Guitars. The Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar, the latest representative of this series, gives professional and high-quality musical performances to many artists throughout the world. The whole purpose of this blog post is to associate the joy of playing guitar with the product and see the value proposition of the Smart Guitar brand – The Lava Me 3. Hence, here are some crucial things you should know before buying it

Introducing the Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar

The Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar is an innovative Smart Musical Instrument that challenges the traditional acoustic-electric guitar structure by changing both the playing and the listening experience. The Newcomer of Lava Music Company was probably built with carbon fiber unibody which has high resistance to weather factors like humidity and temperature while the wood is more fragile to those conditions. The creative design allows more enveloping sound but doesn’t compromise on sound quality or volume, just the improved 4-mass carbon fiber creates a deeper bass and accelerates more reverb to the music. Moreover, these latest versions of guitars provide the best portability and are a great choice for musicians traveling.

However, it is the integration of smart technology that divides Lava Me 3 from its competition. Touch Enter displays a 3.5-inch screen, and has a variety of effects to give musicians what they like – a Heaven for creation. Apart from that, it carries the HILAVA incorporation into the guitar, which essentially means even more enjoyment as you improvise. This state-of-the-art guitar is not something that only plays the melody, instead, it is a powerful tool for music creation with those advanced features.

Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Technical Specifications

Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar Specs: The guitar possesses an impressive technical package of features that are essential on the list of every Modern Musician:

  • Body Material: The body of the Lava Me 3 is made from AirCarbon, a type of carbon fiber composite that enhances sound quality and durability.
  • Dimensions: With its compact size (36.61″ x 12.8″ x 4.33″), it’s designed for easy portability.
  • Weight: Weighing in at just 3.7 lbs, it is lightweight and comfortable to play.
  • Fretboard: The fretboard is made from HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) for stability and comfort.
  • Strings: It comes with a set of Elixir Nanoweb 012 strings.
  • Pickup System: It features the revolutionary FreeBoost pickup system that allows you to control reverb, chorus, and delay effects without any external amplification.
  • Touchscreen Interface: A 3.5-inch multi-touch display gives you access to various settings and effects.
  • Battery: The built-in battery offers up to 10 hours of playing time on a single charge.
  • Connectivity: The Lava Me 3 includes a USB-C port for charging and data transfer, and a 1/4″ output jack for connecting to an amplifier or PA system.

Sound Quality and Performance

Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar provides a truly unique sound that is unlike any other guitar in its category. Through our distinctive AirCarbon body, you get a pretty rich and resonant tone with a decent volume despite the instruments’ modest size. The guitar provides a perfectly balanced mix of sound, with highs, mids, and lows clearly distinct and stunningly full.

It comes with a FreeBoost pickup system, adorned by the L2 preamp. You can use effects like reverb, chorus, and delay with the aid of this amplification without putting in any further amplification. It enables an artist to create a seamless ambiance or detail a mystical setting during a live performance and either in an indoor or open space.

Lava Me 3 is more than a guitar, it introduces the HILAVA system which is used to actually make the guitar play different instruments and sounds broadening your creative activities. Smart guitar mimics the touch-sensitive controls as well as the innovative sound technology and it delivers an immersive and memorable playing experience, which could only attract musicians and noobs.

Design and Build Quality

The Lava Me 3 smart carbon guitar for guitars is a symbol of artistic tendencies and high-quality manufacturing. The solid body of the guitar is made of AirCarbon, a type of carbon composite that is not only durable but also has the advantage of temperature and humidity resistance. This specificity is the main reason why musicians love this instrument so much, as they can carry it with them on tours and play it in a variety of different situations. The guitar’s unibody gives us a creation weighing 3.7 lbs and yet is lightweight and sturdy.

To add to that, the guitars’ artistic value is nothing less than traditional acoustic guitars, with their attractive, futuristic look. The speaker is introducing her brand-new sneaker, which has several classic colors, e.g. black, blue, and red. The neck of the guitar is constructed from high-pressure laminate HPL. It ensures sound when the player is playing guitar and when fatigue comes. The 3.5-inch touch screen is no doubt incorporated into the guitar body with most of the parts being hidden leaving a sleek and simple look. In sum, it is the combination of the device functionality and style that makes the Lava Me 3’s design really stand out and give it that extra appeal.

Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

What are the Smart Features of Lava Me 3 Guitar?

The Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar is equipped with a suite of smart features that redefine the way you create music:

  • Multi-Touch Display: The Lava Me 3 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen so that it is a fusion of technology and music that was never realized before.
  • HILAVA OS: This OS improves onboard interaction by providing you with the ability to emulate different instruments and sounds.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity: These features make cross-device sync available, which enables the instruments to fully integrate with other devices for recording or performing live.
  • Cloud Compatibility: Cloud compatibility enables effortless saving and access to your musical creations from anywhere.
  • Dozens of Effects: The guitar provides a lot of effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay that can be crafted easily to give you immersive sounds.
  • Loop Functionality: With the grooves that are updated all the time, you can record and layer your music enhancing the complexity and depth of your pieces.
  • Enhanced Acoustic Sound: The new Honeycomb structure of AirSonic 2, the guitar allows it to deliver a massive acoustic sound.
  • Weatherproof Material: It features a weatherproof AirSonic 2 carbon fiber material, which ensures that the guitar has a long life span and is perfect for playing in any environment.
Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

User Experience: Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar Review

Most of the user reviews for the Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar are positive, with praise being lavished on the innovative design, outstanding sound quality, and smart features. Here are some highlights:

  1. Sound Quality: The Lava Me 3 Sound Quality has been applauded for its carbon body which gives a very full and resonant tone.
  2. Build Quality: Users, especially the ones who travel frequently, have commended on the guitar’s sturdiness and lightweight.
  3. Smart Features: The reviewers have pointed out smart features in the form of multi-touch display, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a variety of effects among others as a standout feature.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: A lot of users have found the user interface quite friendly which makes it easy to explore many features of the guitar.
  5. Versatility: Many users have lauded the capacity to kind of different instruments and sounds as users enjoy the freedom to create with this tool.

Yet, some users have given some suggestions for further refinement. A few have pointed out that the price is a bit high, while others opined that the touchscreen should have been made more responsive.

On the whole, the Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar combines traditional guitar playability and modern smart features and it is highly appreciated by many users.

Lava Me 3 Guitar Price

The Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar is sold for an approximate price of $799. However, although this may sound a bit steep compared to conventional acoustic guitars, one has to bear in mind the exclusive features and technology it provides.

The guitar’s design made out of carbon fiber, touchscreen, and smart features really make it unique in its price bracket. For musicians who like to experiment and extend their creative possibilities, the Lava Me 3 provides a great deal of value with the possibility to simulate different instruments, apply different effects, and even record and layer music on the go.

Additionally, the guitar’s strength and all-weather properties make it more valuable and an excellent choice for musicians on the move.

Yet, its worth will depend on the specific requirements and tastes of the user. However, for those who are focused primarily on the classic acoustic guitar feel, the Lava Me 3 will be much more than they need. However, for musicians looking for one instrument that is versatile and modern and is also a merger of music with technology, the Lava Me 3 is definitely worth the money.

What is the Difference Between Blue Lava and Lava Me 3 Guitars

What is the Difference Between Blue Lava and Lava Me 3 Guitars?

Even though they are both revolutionary guitars of Lava Music, the Blue Lava, and Lava Me 3 differ in material, design, and price.

✅ Materials & Build

A carbon fiber body was used to build the Lava Me 3 which gives it a distinct tone and makes it resistant to weather conditions. However, the Blue Lava has a body made of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and temperature change resistance features as well.

✅ Design:

The body of the Lava Me 3 is unibody, and it is the L2 FreeBoost preamp equipped. The Blue Lava also features a unibody design; however, it is not mentioned if it uses the same preamp.

✅ Smart Features:

The smart features of both guitars are composed of a touch screen and numerous effects. However some users have suggested that Lava Me 3 has a neck adjustable by a truss rod, but this feature may not exist in the Blue Lava.

✅ Price:

The Blue Lava is more budget-friendly than the Lava Me 3, with the Blue Lava guitar price at $649 and the Lava Me 3 Guitar price being approximately $999.

To summarize, both guitars bring a mix of classical guitar playability and modern smart features. The decision of which one would depend on your budget and specific needs.

Lava Me 3 Smart Guitar: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Buying Tips and Considerations

When buying a smart guitar like the Lava Me 3, here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind:

1. Understand Your Needs:

Define your particular requirements prior to buying. Do you need a travel guitar or something to play at home? Do you require smart features though advanced or do you prefer pure guitar playability?

2. Research the Brand:

Check the brand’s image and customer feedback. Lava Music is known for having a good reputation for innovative design and quality construction.

3. Consider the Price:

A Lava Me 3 is a high-end guitar. Ensure it is within your budget and that you are ready to invest in the unique features.

4. Check the Materials:

It is strongly built with carbon fiber, which gives it a unique sound. Though, see to it, that you do like the sound which the carbon fiber product, it is really different from the usual wooden guitars.

5. Try Before You Buy:

Ideally, test the guitar in a shop before buying. This offers you an opportunity to understand the instrument and its specific characteristics.

6. Accessories:

Think about spending money on a quality case for your guitar to protect it when traveling. In addition, a stand may come in handy when you want to have the guitar in your home.

7. Maintenance:

While carbon fiber guitars usually require less maintenance than those made of wood, it’s essential you clean them from time to time and replace the used strings when the time comes.

8. Warranty:

Check the warranty terms. A good guarantee allows you to rest easy while covering your investment.

All in all, purchasing such a smart guitar like the Lava Me 3 is a substantial investment and hence, it is necessary to explore the market and take into account your requirements.

Where to Buy Lava Me 3 Guitar in USA

If you’re looking to buy the Lava Me 3 Guitar in the USA, there are several places you can consider:

  1. Amazon: The Lava Me 3 Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar for adults and teens is now on Amazon. Included is a HILAVA OS and a space gig bag. Check Price
  2. Guitar Center: Guitar Center has the Lava Me 3 36″ Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Space Bag. They provide free delivery and a price guarantee. Check Price
  3. Ish Guitars: Ish Guitars has the Lava Me 3 Smart Acoustic Guitar. Check Price
  4. The Acoustic Shoppe: The Acoustic Shoppe has the Lava Me 3 38″ Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar with a 3.5″ Touchscreen and Space Bag. Check Price
  5. Lava Music’s Official Website: Another way of buying the Lava Me 3 is from the official website of Lava Music. Check Price

Where to Buy Lava Me 3 Guitar in India

If you’re looking to buy the Lava Me 3 Guitar in India, here are several places to consider:

  • John’s Music: The Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar is offered online at the cheapest price by them. Check Price
  • Raj Musical: They sell the Lava ME3 Carbon Fiber Guitar with Effects 38-Inch Acoustic-Electric Smart Travel Guitar on their site, but it seems to be out of stock as of now. Check Price
  • Amazon India: Amazon India has the Lava ME 3 Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Check Price
  • Ubuy: They have the Lava ME 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitars for Adults Teens Beginners, Acoustic-Electric Guitarra with HILAVA OS, w/Space Gig Bag 38” Blue. Check Price
  • Lava Music’s Official Website: The Lava Me 3 is also available for purchase on the official website of Lava Music. Check Price

It should be noted that availably and prices may change, so it is advised to check them on these websites for accurate details.


Around the world, there are a number of trustworthy places to buy the Lava Me 3 Guitar. This high-tech tool, made of carbon, and has a lot of smart features, is an expensive purchase that is able to deliver unrepeatable music traveling. It is recommended to do a thorough research, know your requirements, and take into consideration all parameters like price, materials, warranty and maintenance before buying.Happy strumming!

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Is the Lava Me 3 Good for Beginners?

Indeed, the Lava Me 3 is suitable for the beginner. With a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-manage size, this guitar is great for the beginners. FreeBoost technology built-in to it, can be considered as an advantage when you just want to play with the effects without needing to plug in an amp that is convenient mainly for practice or recreational playing.

What is the Lava Me 3 Guitar Made of?

The Lava Me 3 guitar is constructed of a carbon fiber compound. This material provides good vibration, life span and weather resistance. Further the neck is strengthened with aluminum that makes the guitar stable and lighter.

How Long Does the Battery Last on the LAVA ME 3?

Battery life of course will depend upon how its is used. FreeBoost technology- the battery lasts up to 10 hours when built-in effects are used. Nevertheless, the amount of differences may depend on the volume levels and the frequency of the effect use.

Note: Lava Me 3 is a trademark of LAVA Music. This blog is an independent review and is not affiliated with LAVA Music. LAVA Music did not sponsor this review. All views are ours. We are just crazy about guitars, including those that rock their self-contained speakers. No sponsorships, only random thoughts on Lava Me 3.

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