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What Kind of Guitar Does Oliver Anthony Play in His Songs?

Have you ever asked yourself which kind of guitar does Oliver Anthony use? To many music lovers and even guitar players who have an interest in the sort of instruments that produced some of the classic sounds, it is both informative and motivating. For this particular writing in the blog, I aim to focus on the guitar that Oliver Anthony uses, specifically in country music. We will also meet Christopher Anthony Lunsford— the man behind the music, and listen to some of his best works while using his favorite guitar. Whether the reader is an accomplished guitarist or simply enjoys remarkable sounds and tunes, the article will contain servings of useful information and intriguing facts in the shape of enhanced musical skills.

What Guitar Does Oliver Anthony Play?

The focus is on a specific type of guitar and its player – Oliver Anthony uses a resonator guitar, a precise model of which is the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator. This guitar is also referred to as the dobro and is well-known for its tinny sound, which includes actual metal cones and discs built into the instrument, much like a banjo. Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator is one of a kind because of the affordable price and the resonant, warm sound produced by the instrument.

The Gretsch G9220 has body and neck made out of mahogany which is dense and heavy-toned delivering an effective and powerful tone. The spinning desired in hand-spun cone also enhances the naturally produced and allows the guitar to produce a tone that could not be produced by a normal acoustic guitar. As for the guitar’s sound, this is an ideal resonator instrument for country, blues, or folk music where its uniquely ringing sound will come out in full force.

It appears that Oliver Anthony employs the heterogeneity of the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator in a unique way. The guitar setup and the music texture he plays give his songs that raw and real kind of emotion. For the fans that aim to emulate the tone that the Oliver Anthony produces on his guitar, the best place to start with would be the Gretsch G9220.

How Expensive is Oliver Anthony’s Guitar?

The guitar that Oliver Anthony plays: the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator, stands as more than an ordinary instrument. This guitar comes with a specific sound and, of course, a particular price range. Normally ranging between $550 and $700, the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator falls among products that could be considered middle-end. It is fairly pricey but affordable for many guitar enthusiasts without having to foregoing on quality or performance.

On the whole, there are more costly guitars that one can buy, but the enhancing character of the Gretsch G9220 at its price range is promising. It is relatively cheaper than others that have similar characteristics with different appearances and unique rings that many musicians prefer over other choice equipments. The price of the guitar is also aligned with the durability and quality needed to withstand apprenticeship and the fact that the guitar will be traveled with a lot.

For those who are seeking an entry-level or budget resonator guitar, the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator is a great option. It’s an instrument that offers exceptional sound quality while not compromising on the pocket, and therefore it can be used by both formal and amateur musicians.

Who is Christopher Anthony Lunsford?

oliver anthony
Image of Oliver Anthony

Christopher Anthony Lunsford, who is popularly known by his stage name Oliver Anthony is a solo folk singer who found fame with his track “Rich Men North Of Richmond”. This song not only helped him gain much popularity but also was a breakthrough which placed him among the popular artists as he got a position in the list of top 100 Billboard Charts.

The name Oliver Anthony chosen by Lunsford was based on his granddad with hopes of harnessing the Depression era survival experience. Linking himself to the dirt, apart from providing a variety of artistic expression, has an emotional appeal to the fans. These stories may reflect the family background or personal experience by using melodies in music.

Besides reasonable punk and clear vocals, Oliver Anthony is the man with a true passion that is reflected in his lyrics. His music always focuses on themes such as struggles, difficulties and triumphs of the human spirit. Thus, using his voice that could be described as extraordinary, accompanied by the timbre of the resonator guitar, Oliver Anthony provides people with a captivating audio show that speaks about their own lives.

Top Songs of Oliver Anthony Played with His Resonator Guitar

Rich Men North Of Richmond

Get Rich Men North Of Richmond Chords

I Want To Go Home

Ain’t Gotta Dollar

Cowboys and Sunsets


I wanted to identify the precise kind of the guitar played by Oliver Anthony because it broadens one’s perspective on his music and provides useful information for every beginner guitarist and music lover. For the Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator, there is so much more than just offering up the musical part of what Oliver Anthony is – it is as much a tool that lays the foundation of his identity as a musician.

I would like to continue from where I left off, to take a closer look at the man behind the music, Christopher Anthony Lunsford. His ability and passion connecting him to his roots and this approach to music earn him recognition from others and makes him a great fit for folk and country music.

In the context of the desire to augment one’s musical understanding or seek ideas for personal performances, Oliver Anthony’s findings pertaining to the resonator guitar are rich in ideas. If anything, you would wish to know more or even begin leaning towards making music, perhaps the resonator guitars can be a good place to start on a soulful note.

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