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Emptiness Guitar Chords – Gajendra Verma

Song: Emptiness (Tune Mere Jaana)
Artist: Gajendra Verma
Writer & Composer: Gajendra Verma
Tempo: 83 BPM
Chords: A#, Am, C, Dm, F
Capo: None
Strumming Pattern: D D UUD DUDU

Emptiness intro guitar tabs



Tune mere jana guitar chords starts

(F)Oh! love of mine
With a (Am)song and a whine
You’re (A#)harsh and divine
Like (C)truths and a lie

But the (F)tale ends not here
I have (Am)nothing to fear
For my (A#)love is yell of giving
and (C)hold on

And the (F)bright emptiness
In a (Am)room full of it
Is a (A#)cruel mistress
Whoa (C)oh!

I (F)feel the sunrise
That nest (Am)all hollowness
For I (Dm)have nowhere to go
and I’m (C)cold.

And I feel so (F)lone(Dm)ly yeah
(A#)There’s a better place than this

And I’m so (F) lone(Dm)ly yeah…
(A#)There’s a better place than this
(C)Emptiness, (F)yeaheaeah..!

Tune mere (F)jaana
Kabhi nahi (Am)jaana
(A#)Ishq mera, dard me(C)ra, haaye!

Tune mere (F)jaana
Kabhi nahi (Am)jaana
(A#)Ishq mera, dard me(c)raaa..

Aashiq (F)tera(Dm)aaa
(A#)Bhid me khoya (C)rehta hai,
Jaane (F)jahaan (Dm)aaaa
(A#)Poocho to itna keh(C)ta hai

That I feel so (F)lone(Dm)ly yeah…
(A#)There’s a better place than this

And I’m so (F)lone(Dm)ly yeah
(A#)There’s a better place than this
(C)Emptiness, (F)yeaheaeah.

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