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Enough Is Enough Guitar Chords – Post-Malone

Song Title: Enough Is Enough
Artist: Post Malone
Album: Austin
Released: 2023
Tempo: 166 BPM
Chords: C, F, G, Em

Let’s Play Enough Is Enough Guitar Chords


Two (C)AM, they ran (F)out of (G)lemonade
So I (G)shot that vodka straight, anyway(Em) (F)
She came (C)in, missin’ (F)bottle (G)off the shelf
I can’t (G)drink this by myself, sit with me, (Em)babe (F)
Then I(C) started (F)laughin'(G)
Like it was (G)funny, but it really ain’t (Em)funny, (F)uh

Take me (C)home, don’t (F)shut (G)me out
It’s (G)easier to leave me down here (Em)on the (F)ground
Take me (C)home, baby, I’m (F)fucked (G)up now
I know it’s (G)easier to leave me down here (Em)on the (F)ground

‘Cause enough is (C)enough(F) (G)
I can’t stand (Em)up
I can’t stand, can’t stand, (F)’causе enough is enough

(C)Long nights in the city of sin
Thеy (F)said I pick (G)fights that I won’t ever win
I (G)got a bad bitch that’ll bring all her friends
But when (Em)I’m with you (F)it’s like I’m livin’ again

And baby, (C)I’m shit faced sittin’ on the sidewalk
(F)Ain’t (F)nobody listenin’ when I talk
(G)I fall down and laugh, but it really ain’t (Em)funny, (F)uh

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