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Le Aaunga Chords – Arijit Singh (Satyaprem Ki Katha)

Song title: Le Aaunga
Movie: Satyaprem Ki Katha (2023)
Artist: Arijit Singh
Chords used: D, A, Bm, G
Tempo: 123 BPM
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

Let’s play Le Aaunga guitar chords

D A Bm G

(D)Aasan nahi hai kehna

(A)Tere bina main reh (D)paunga

(D)Sach mein main maar (Bm)jaungaa

(D)Sach mein main maar (G)jaaun(Bm)ga

(D)Ek paal ki duri tujh (A)se nahi

Main seh (D)paaungaa(A)…

(D)Tere bina rukh (Bm)jaaunga

(D)Tere bina rukh (G)jaaaun(Bm)ga, (D)oo

Ek (D)ghar naya ba(Bm)saake,

Rakh (D)lu tujhe chhu(Bm)pake

Duni(G)yan se tujhe chu(Bm)rake,

Le (G)Aaun(Bm)ga

(D)Chahe jameen (Bm)uthake,

Chahe (D)aasman gi(Bm)rake…

Sita(G)ron se tujhe sa(Bm)jaake

Le (G)Aaun(Bm)ga

(D)Tere siva bina gu(Bm)zara mera ve

(D)Jineka junoon tu sa(Bm)hara mera ve

(D)Mar ke bhi pass (Bm)rahunga

tere main, Soni(G)yaa.(Bm)..(D)

(D)Tere bina lage nahi mera (Bm)dil yaara

Sanson pe tera hi (G)naam hai

Tu (Bm)shaam hai, (G)subha ke tu (A)tara

Rahein (D)door jo tu (Bm)jake,

Sar (D)saamne jhu(Bm)kaake

Phir(G)se tujhe (Bm)manake Le (G)Aaunga(Bm)

(D)Asaan nahi hai kehna

(A)Tere bina main reh (D)paunga

(D)Sach me main mar (Bm)jaungaa

(D)Sach me main mar (G)jaun(Bm)gaa

Watch Le Aaunga song

About the song

Le Aaunga, a soulful song sung by the remarkable Arijit Singh, composed by the talented Tanishk Bagchi, with lyrics penned by Tanishk Bagchi and Vayu, featuring splendid programming and arrangement by Tanishk Bagchi and Ganesh Waghela, mesmerizing guitars by Shomu Seal, skillfully mixed and mastered by Eric Pillai at Future Sound of Bombay, and assisted by the talented Michael Edwin Pillai, released under the prestigious music label T-Series. I hope you enjoyed these easy guitar chords for the song Le Aaunga.

Abhishek Hait

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