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Jhoome Jo Pathaan Chords

Title: Jhoome Jo Pathaan
Artist: Arijit Singh
Movie: Pathaan
Scale: G Major
Strumming: D UDUD UDUD DU
Tempo: 105 BPM

Let’s Play – Jhoome Jo Pathaan Guitar Chords

“Jhoome Jo Pathaan,” the title track from the movie “Pathaan,” showcases the enchanting vocals of Arijit Singh, Sukriti Kakar, and the dynamic duo Vishal and Sheykhar. Set in the vibrant key of G Major, the song’s music composition by Vishal and Sheykhar intricately weaves together captivating melodies that perfectly complement the evocative lyrics penned by Kumaar. Singh’s soulful rendition, coupled with Kakar’s melodious tones and the duo’s harmonious blend, infuse the track with an infectious energy, making “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” an anthem that resonates with the film’s spirit and intensity.

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